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Kenra Professional Salon Based Near Glasgow, Scotland

We are delighted to be an approved Kenra Professional salon. Although Cailean received much of his training with L'Oréal, he was so impressed with the Kenra range that he had to completely refurbish his salon in preparation for the transfer. He launched in March 2018 and  seeks at all times to meet Kenra's high standards in professionalism, health and safety

Professional hair colorants are developed for use solely in salon, while haircare and styling products are used both in the salon and sold to clients for home care use. Kenra was born in Indianapolis in 1929. Its passion is developing best in class innovations, delivering superior and reliable results. Kenra Professional strives to elevatethe stylist's artistry and craft. It arrived in the UK in 2016 and the salon is one of the first in Scotland.

Only Kenra products are used in the salon. In addition, there is an extensive range of Kenra and Kenra Platinum retail products for sale.


Patch Testing

The salon cares deeply about your well-being. Therefore, clients must have a 5 minute consultation and take a patch test prior to receiving scalp applied colour. You are invited to drop in any time and at least 48 hours before the appointment, complete a questionnaire of only 8 questions and have a tiny amount of colour applied behind your ear. Record cards are destroyed 12 months after the last appointment; should a client return after this time, the patch test must be reapplied.

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