GL Apps

GL APPS are produced using world famous Great Lengths hair, but with an innovate proprietary adhesion method.  GL Apps are versatile, fun and easy to wear offering instant volume, length or colour. This method takes a fraction of the time and lasts up to 3 months with proper care. A full-head installation can be completed in less than an hour without compromising on quality because there is no better quality in hair extensions than Great Lengths!

 The APPS can be removed and reused up to 3 times with tape produced by Great Lengths specifically developed for the APPS.  GL APPS are available in 43 natural, fashion and flow colours – 21 naturals in 12” and 18” lengths, 14 fashion colours 16” lengths and 8 Flow in 18", 12" can be special ordered.   We will be able to offer 20” lengths in the natural colours by special order, minimum order 5 panels.

GL APPS Features 

  • 6 inch (15 cm) panels of world famous Great Lengths hair which divide into 5 – sections 3 cm each
  • Will be available in a total of 43 colours including natural, fashion and flow (Ombre)
  • Can be re-taped and reused up to 3 times
  • Traditional tape in systems sandwich hair between two pieces of tape which stick to each other – GL APPS are different as the APP section is sandwiched between the wearer’s hair making the application virtually invisible
  • GL APPS take only minutes to install
  • Will be ONLY available to stylists certified with the Great Lengths Network of Extension Artists
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