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The key to a great salon is the combination of professionalism and creativity. Cailean works in partnership with his clients to give them exactly what they need to look fantastic, that does not always mean giving the client what they think they want. It is all about the shape of the face and the skin colour, the amount of hair, its texture and its thickness, their age, their lifestyle, and the amount of time they have to recreate the salon look. However, you have to prepare for an honest appraisal from Cailean. He was known to refer to one lady's preferred hairstyle as 'a mint sauce', where the style was too young for the client. However, Cailean believes in educating his clients on their hairdressing needs and skills. He teaches the right way to shampoo their hair, condition it and blow dry it into different looks that are as close as possible to salon quality. A well educated client is an informed client who can actively participate in the decisions for their hair and look.

Professional Services

IC Hair and Beauty Coatbridge prides itself on its technical expertise. Please find below a menu of the service we offer:


Spray Cut £15.50
Shampoo & Cut £19.00
Cut and Blow Dry  
  Up to 40 minutes £25.00
  Over 40 minutes £35.00
Blow Dry  
  Up to 30 minutes £20.00
  Over 35 minutes £32.50
Shampoo Cut and Set                      £25.00
Shampoo and Set £20.00
GHD Curls £25.00
Tonged Curls £25.00
Hair Up £22.50


Clipper Cut £7.00
Spray Cut £10.00
Shampoo, Cut & Blow Dry                £18.00

CHILDREN (under the age of 12)

Clipper Cut                                     £5.00
Spray & Cut £7.00
French Pleat £7.00


For one colour: for each added colour £8.00. Applies also to Dia-colour
Full head colour short            £55.00
Long to Shoulders £75.00
Roots 1" £60.00
Root more than 1" £65.00 for 2 tubes then £8.00 per tube thereafter
Shadow Lights From £50
Colour Slices £10
Package Deal (8 slices) £55 


T Bar £60.00 for one colour: £8.00 per additional colour
Full Head £65.00 for one colour: £8.00 per additional colour
Shadow Light Same price as Highlights
Colour Slices per pack £12.00 for one colour: £8.00 per additional colour
Package of 8 Slices £65.00 for one colour: £8.00 per additional colour


Perm £55.00
X-tenson                               £100.00
Olaplex £5.00 per measure
Smartbond £5.00 per measure





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