Hair In Recovery

Hair in Recovery, Hair Extensions & Hair Replacement Treatment In Glasgow

Racoon International's ethically sourced hair is available in two grades of high quality human and synthetic hair. Racoon provides its 5,000 appointed salons in the UK with a bespoke colour matching service.

The Racoon bonding system is unique to Racoon and based on pine kernel and orange peel extracts. Once applied by a Racoon trained stylist the tiny bonds are translucent and the size of grain of rice.

As long as the extensions are applied by a Racoon trained stylist, after care advice is adhered to, and the client returns to the salon every 4 weeks for care and rotation there will be no adverse impact on the hair or scalp.

Racoon's finest quality root point correct 100% Human Euro Remy Hair has the cuticle intact. The cuticle is a natural hair protector which ensures the hair remains durable and re-usable. You can style, curl and colour it, just like your own hair.

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